The Legacy Home

God's Home for Orphan Children

What an amazing God we serve.  Over the years watching what God has been doing in the Legacy Home, as he changes the lives of these children.  Giving them a chance at life, when they have been broken by the world, is something that only an amazing God can do.  What a beautiful work that we all get to be a part of.  I would like to thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry.  It is something miraculous when Gods people come together to do his work.  The result is simply undefinable.  Watching a child that has been truly damaged emotionally and physically by the life that they have been born into, that receives healing and restoration.  To watch them begin to shine with the light of God.  To see their character’s change to optimism for the future that God has laid before them.  To see them begin to look with a smile and anticipation on the chances that lie before them. Thank you for your prayers and investments.  We depend on them to make this all happen.

 We are beginning a new program called Legacy Guardians.  Until now we have depended primarily on large gifts to support this ministry.  Our monthly income is less than half of our budgeted monthly expenses.  However, God has always been there for us.  Every time that things look like they are going to get tight God calls on one of his faithful to meet the need.  God’s work will continue, Praise the Lord!  We are now trying to build up our monthly income to match out monthly budget.  So, in a nut shell we are asking our financial and prayer supporters to consider committing to a monthly pledge amount to meet this need.  We are calling them the Guardians, because we will depend on these wonderful partners to stand in with us month after month to meet our daily living expenses for the orphanage.  They will be guardians over the wellbeing of this ministry.  Taking on themselves the ownership, responsibility, and blessing of making sure that The Legacy Home’s needs are met, and in doing so, they are sowing into these children first hand and on a daily basis.  What an amazing work to be a part of. 

Would you consider becoming a Legacy Guardian.  My father used to say, “many hands make light work”.  I am not asking you to give outside of your means.  You may only be able to afford $5 a month, or maybe you can give $500 a month.  I want you to know, that is $5 purposefully and joyfully sown into the kingdom of God, and $5 that is directly placed into the lives of children that are so desperate for a chance at life.  Maybe you are in a place in life that you can give much more.  In the same way, this commitment will change the lives of children that need that chance.  This commitment not only reaches currant needs but also enables us to reach further into this world to those children that are just out of reach.  This is how we change the world.  You cannot define the reach that you have, when you sow a seed like this.  Would you please prayerfully consider becoming a Guardian today?  If you have already made the decision to support us monthly or through a once a year lump sum, please fill out the Guardian card as well.  So that we can make sure that you are on the Guardian mailing list. 

If this pulls at your heart and you have decided that you would like to make a monthly commitment of any amount, please select the give now link on this page and set up a recurring monthly gift. If you would prefer to give by sending us a monthly check in the mail please send me a message and I will help you get started. You contact me via Facebook at (the legacy Home Orphanage) or (Dawn N Dusty DeBoef). You can also email us

God bless you and may the Lord light your path.

Dusty and Dawn DeBoef

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