The Legacy Home

God's Home for Orphan Children

My legacy begins with my grandfather, a man of God that made up his mind first, that He and his house will serve the Lord and second, that he would sow as much good seed into his children as he possibly could. Seeds like honesty, integrity, good work ethics, patience, and kindness. He sowed seeds of love that would mature and grow into a legacy that would be handed down to his children, from my father to me, and from my wife and I to The Legacy Home.

The Building Project for The Legacy Home Orphanage from start to finish with many hours of blood, sweat and tears but to God be the glory!  From dense tropical land to a beautiful home for God's orphan children.


leaving a legacy and building our future

A legacy is what you leave with a person. The legacy that I have to offer is the same legacy that was handed down to me. A legacy can start with anyone, but somewhere along the line a person needs to make up their mind to leave a lasting legacy, set their feet and purposely and consistently pursue that goal.